Bienvenido al Deygest


Deygest is a spanish company based in Barcelona, focused on researching, development and manufacturing products based on plant extracts, with the aim of keep crops healthy and free of stress and physiological disorders in agricultural crops, gardening and urban gardening.

The quality of our products meets a wide experience in the agricultural sector, working in R+D+I with the CSIC and the University of Barcelona, which provide the scientific basis and innovative range of products.

Deygest arises from the need of the market to have organic or natural products that are reliable, environmentally friendly and in fact provide reliability to the end consumers.


Our bio-sustainable solutions lead us to harvest health.

Deygest mission is to research in active ingredients developed by plants, which are stable and efficient, thereby contributing to a healthy agriculture, waste free and without environmental aggression.

Our goal: reassure the farmers to harvest with all health guaranties.


These are the values that lead us:

  • Innovation and efficiency.
  • Increasing crop productivity with natural resources.
  • Commitment to health and the environment.
  • Harvest more, and more healthy = quick return investment.


Does not harm auxiliary fauna

plants protecting plants