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Cell penetrating and crop antifreeze

Cell penetrant and mobilizer of nutrients and sugars.
Crop antifreeze action.


  • Magnesium oxide: 5% w / w.
  • Sulfur Trioxide: 10% w / w.

For its rapid mobility and systemic characteristics provides among others the following advantages:

-Increase fruit setting.

-Crop antifreeze effect: Protects against low temperature damage. 

-Avoids sunburns: UVA sunscreen.



Mechanism of action

AGROS-3® is an hydrolyzed vegetable with solvent action. It contains molecules of very low molecular weight from seaweed with great ability to cross the cellular membranes and transport nutrients into cells.
Vasos liberianos

AGROS-3® is absorbed by liberian vessels, becoming part of sap flow. It moves in ascending/descending systemic characteristics, quickly reaching all extremes of the plant.


For their ability to penetrate cellular membranes and have all kinds of nutrients within the cell, it is applied in the following cases:

  • To correct and prevent physiopathies: Tip burn, Bitter pit, Blossom end rot.
  • To increase fruit setting and the final crop production.
  • To improve function and increase Chlorophyll chloroplasts in low light days.
  • To reduce vegetative stop mobilizing nutrients into the cell at times of blocks (water, extreme temperatures  …).
  • To prevent damage from extreme temperatures: cold, heat.
  • To increase fruit setting and prevent it from falling by strong winds.

AGROS-3® is applied to all kind of crops: orchards, fruit, citrus, vineyards, ornamentals, …

Avoids physiopathies

Tip burn, Bitter pit, Blossom end rot.
AGROS-3® has the hability to dissolve precipitates sparingly soluble salts as calcium and boron (oxalates, tartrates, pectates, etc.) solvate and transportate them into the cells. It mobilizes all kinds of nutrients correcting and preventing physiopathies.

Fisiopatias que evita agros 3

Antifreeze effect

By its low molecular weight penetrates cellular membranes by introducing salts inside the cells and lowering the freezing point of the internal fluids between 3ºC and 5º C.
AGROS-3® prevents the formation of inter/intracellular crystals of ice preventinf tissue breakdown and coldness injury.

Features and benefits

AGROS-3® prevents fruit drop.

AGROS-3® protects against damage from low temperatures.

AGROS-3® increase the fruit setting and production. 


Dosage and application

AGROS-3® is systemic: can be applied by foliar and by root.


General dose:

  • 250 cc / hL in foliar application (consumption of 2,5 L / ha).
  • 2,5 L / ha in root application (consumption of  2,5 L / ha).

Phytosanitary application (as carrier):

  • 100 – 150 cc / hL.


AGROS-3® is applied to all types of crops.
Apply at any phenological time, as there are always developement and the plant is biologically active.
AGROS-3® is assimiled through active plant tissues: stems, leaves, buds, …

In fruit crops for protection against low temperatures, bes time to apply is:

  • Anthesis
  • End flowering
  • From curdling
  • Throughout curdling

Avoid low temperature damages

Apply, in this case, via foliar, in broad daylight and when temperatures are higher and plant is active. It is important to apply two or three days before temperature breakdown by forecast.

  • The timing and the pace will depend on each crop and its needs (mobilitzation of nutrients or avoid vegetative stop).
  • 2 or 3 treatments are generally applied at a rate between 10 and 15 days.

Use recommendations

  • Do not mix with strong alkaline products or with copper reaction, (except the product COFRE).
  • Do not mix Sulfur at temperatures above 28ºC.
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Avoids physiopathies.
Increase fruit setting.
Crop antifreeze.
Foliar and/or via root.
2-3 treatments per season.
Apply every 15 days in stress time.
Foliar: 2,5 cc / L of water and 2,5 L / ha.
Root: 2,5 L / ha using irrigation.
Do not mix with copper, except the product COFRE (Deygest).
Do not mix with sulfur above 28ºC.
Packaging: 250 cc, 1 L and 5 L
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