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Fertilizer based on zinc. Inhibitory effect of rabbits and voles

Inhibits the attraction of phytofagous lagomorphs on crops

  • It prevents the presence of rabbits and voles by keeping them away from the crop


Zinc chelated by EDTA: 3% w/w

Mechanism of action

The application to high doses of zinc chelated by EDTA generates empowerment of flavors in crops, producing temporary alterations in taste glands of rabbits and voles, keeping them away.

Also, by its characteristic smell of magnolia, masking the appealing smell of the kairomones, therefore it avoids its attraction to the crop.

  • To prevent the presence of rabbits and voles in crops.
  • To prevent deficiencies of zinc in deficient crops.

Features and advantages

TOPTEN® formulation is harmless. It should be noted that by their content in roots from gentians initially produces a bitter biodegradable tast in the crop, which is enhanced by the presence of zinc. This way, by the mechanism of smell and flavor Topten neutralizes the presence of rabbits and voles on the crop.
As a result, TOPTEN® should be applied in the early stages of crop development, precisely when the plant tissues are more tender and more attractive for these animals

Dosage and application

TOPTEN® is attached to the vegetable surfaces where is applied, remaining stable for two to four weeks, depending on rainfall, and other foliar atmospheric parameters.


Apply by foliar spraying

  • Vegetables: 250 cc / hl.
  • Seedlings: 200-250 cc / hl.
  • Adult trees and vineyard: 200-250 cc / hl.
  • Cereals: apply to bands at a rate of 1ltr/ha. of treated surface (equivalent to 300 cc/hl)
  • For voles (root application): 5 lt / ha in drip irrigation.
  • Repeat after 7-10 days



  • Foliar spraying in seedling or trays (prior to transplantation).
  • Foliar re-apply 1 week after transplantation. From this moment it is recommended to do more applications.
  • In direct seeding, apply foliar directly in the field at the start of germination.

Seedlings: fruit trees, citrus, vineyard.

  • Spray the entire tree.

Adult trees and vineyard

  • Apply to the trunk of the tree. Not apply to the aerial part of the tree.

Other: Ornamental, turf and industrial

Recommendations for use

  • Apply it alone, without mixing with other products.
  • Due to its bitterness biodegradable taste, Topten must be applied a maximum of three weeks before harvest.

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Fertilizer based on zinc for crop protection against rabbits and voles.
Foliar spraying: for rabbits.
Drip irrigation: for voles
Early stage of development. Apply up to 3 weeks before harvest.
Rabbits foliar: 2.5 cc/L. Total expenditure of 2.5 L/ha.
Voles root: 5 L/ha. Repeat after 7-10 days.
Apply alone, without mixing with other products.
Due to its bitter taste biodegradable apply 3 weeks before harvest.
250cc bottle, 1 L, 5 L and 20 L
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