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Organic adjuvant conditioner

Organic adjuvant conditioner of broths.
Cleaner of molasses.

  • Enhances the penetration of broths by stimulating the plant defenses against pests.
  • Solvent effect of chitines and cleaner of molasses.
  • Protects against ultraviolet solar radiation UVA.


L-glutamic acid solution: 3% w/w

Other components:

  • Fatty acid esters.
  • Stabilizers from eucalyptus.

Mechanism of action


SORTEM® is intended to protect crops:

  • As an adjuvant to increase the efficiency of broths.
  • As a molasses cleaner.
  • By it content in L-glutamic acid aminoacid has a stimulating effect by forming other essential aminoacids.
  • Sun protector of Piretrum, Bacillus thurigiensis,…

It applies in:

  • Vegetables
  • Ornamentals
  • Vineyard
  • Fruit trees
  • Citrus


The synergistic action of the components of Sortem® provides the best
defense against attacks of pests and diseases.
Eucalyptus provides natural repellency.
L-glutamic acid is a physiological plant bioactivator.
Emulsion dissolves lipophilic substances and molasses, facilitating their elimination by washing.
It protects the pesticide broths from sun degradation., protecting piretrum, bacillus...
It increases the penetration and eficiency of application broths.

Dose of application

  • APPLY foliar spraying
  • Dose of SORTEM® mixed with others: 150-200 cc/Hl = 1,5 – 2 cc/lt
  • It is recommended to combine with BERNA to enhance efficiency.
SORTEM® = 200cc/hl + IBERNA®= 250cc/hl
  • SORTEM® can also be mixed with natural products (such as Pyrethrins, Bacillus thuringiensis) or synthetic products.

Recommendations for use

  • Keep in a cool place below 28ºC.
  • At high temperatures SORTEM® denatures and loses effectiveness.
  • Do not mix with: sulphur, copper and acid reaction products.
  • Do not mix with products that have a drying effect.
  • It is advisable to adjust the pH around 5-7
  • It is recommended to apply it at sunset.
Meets European regulations 647/2007


To increase the penetration of broths. As chitin penetrating. As molasses cleaner. Biostimulant
Foliar spraying. Apply at sunset
In mixture with other products such as Pyrethrins or Bacillus thurigiensis
Mixed with BERNA®: 2 ml / lt of Sortem® + 2.5 cc / lt of BERNA®
Mixed with others: 1,5 - 2 ml / lt of Sortem® + recommended dose of the other product.
To clean molasses: apply it alone. Dose: 3 cc / lt. Apply at sunset
No security term . Organic Product
250 ml bottles, 1 lt and 5 lt
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