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Viveflor Complet®
Preservative for cut flowers with nourishing action.

  • Increase the quality and duration of the flowers twice as long.

Main advantages of using Viveflor Complet®

  • Does not contain compounds which can be toxic to human health, environment or animals, such as silver or aluminum.
  • Increased efficiency as a retardant of aging flower.
  • Inhibits the growth of microorganisms (Botrytis, …)

The growing demand and concern of the market for products health and environment-friendly causes that in 1997 a team of scientists from the CSIC begins under these premises a research project of a PRESERVATIVE for cut flower.

This study would last three years and results in obtaining VIVEFLOR COMPLET®, a floral preservative highly effective and harmless to the environment and people. This is reflected in a patent granted in June 2002 by the OEPM.

Deygest with the license of the CSIC, entity attached to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, is the holder of a contract exploitation of this patent for its manufacturing and distribution worldwide.


  • Natural mono and disaccharides
  • Natural hydroxy acids
  • Inorganic acids
  • Non-ionic surfactant

Treated with
Viveflor Complet
14 days at 21ºC

Test with water
14 days at 21ºC

Mechanism of action

VIVEFLOR COMPLET® is a systemic cut flower preservative that arrives quickly at all the ends of the flower.
To immerse 10 cm the stems in the preservative solution, inhibits the growth of microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, yeasts and algae) allowing the ascent to the base of the flower of all the nutritious complex and providing reserves that the flower needs.
VIVEFLOR COMPLET® prolongs the life of the flower delaying ethylene biosynthesis (endogenous and exogenous) and enabling much longer retain its aesthetic and decorative qualities.


  • To extend the commercial life of all type of cut flower: carnation, mini carnation, rose, lilium, gerbera, gypsophila, gladiolus, aster, solidago, etc…
  • To increase the quality of the flower and the image in front of your customer.
  • To avoid and prevent the growth of microorganisms in the preservative solution.
  • To save money , with the possibility of storing the flowers more time in cold camera.
  • For increasing the vase life at home much longer.

According to various tests conducted by the research team of the CSIC VIVEFLOR COMPLET® increases the useful life of the flower trade between 1.8 and 2 times with respect to applications made with the stems immersed in water.


  • VIVEFLOR COMPLET® is free of compounds that may be toxic or contaminants to human health, the environment or animals, such as silver or aluminum.
  • VIVEFLOR COMPLET® inhibits the growth of microorganisms keeping clean water to 28 days.
  • It saves water and working time.
  • To maintain asepsis of the preservative solution, preventing odors and the block at the base of the stems by microorganisms and algae.
  • Highest quality flower: reduces the surface tension of the water promoting the rapid rise at the base of the flower of all the nutritious complex. This produces an effect of improvement in colors and the brightness of the flower.
  • It stimulates the uniform opening of the flower by energy input.
  • It does not stain the flower or the stems. Do not stain the water.
  • VIVEFLOR COMPLET® nourishes the flower calyx providing “on-site” the energy that the flower needs.
  • VIVEFLOR COMPLET® can be reused.


Apply 4-5 c.c. per liter of water = 1 bottle stopper per 6 liters of water.

Dosing syringe is recommended

Witness. Gypsophila
Cut to 5% opennes.
Applied 30 g/lt sugar
Result: 50% open

Treated with Viveflor Complet
Cut to  5% opennes
Applied 30 g/lt sugar
Result: 96% open

Flowers with Botrytis
After 14 days at 21ºC

Treated with
Viveflor Complet
No Botrytis
Afetr 14 days at 21ºC

How to use

  • Immerse 10cm. stems in preservative solution.
  • If prior to the application of the preservative VIVEFLOR COMPLET® the stems have been under water for three or more hours, it is recommended to cut an inch diagonally across the base, in order to increase the power of assimilation of the preservative to the base of the flower.

IMPORTANT: always apply the dose recommended by the manufacturer.


Longevity (days) or commercial life span of the flower in floral foam and water with and without VIVEFLOR COMPLET® solution at 20 ° C.

Ethylene production rate of water and flower floral foam with and without VIVEFLOR COMPLET® solution at 20 ° C.

Evolution of the fresh weight (%) of the flower in water and floral foam solution with and without VIVEFLOR COMPLET® at 20 ° C.

Effect of pulse treatment with distilled water, and commercial solution  VIVEFLOR COMPLET® solution on longevity.

Effect of pulse treatment with distilled water, and commercial solution VIVEFLOR COMPLET® solution on ethylene emission.

Effect of pulse treatment with distilled water, and commercial solution VIVEFLOR COMPLET® solution on mesophilic aerobic flora.

Viveflor Complet®

Increases the useful flower life twice as long. Anti Botrytis and permanent nutrition
Dip stems in preservative solution 10 cms
Apply after cutting. Apply at the florist. Domestically
5 cc / L of water.
Or the same, one cap for each 6 liters of water
Apply it alone without mixing with other products. Can be reused
Store in cool place without sun
250cc bottle, 1 L and 5 L
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